General terms and conditions of reservation of a camping pitch or accommodation

Reservation :

Each reservation request implies having taken knowledge of the description of the subject of the reservation as well as it’s price and having accepted the Campsite’s Regulations and the General Terms and Conditions of the Reservation of a camping pitch or accommodation, mentioned below.

People under 18 are not allowed to stay alone on the campsite.

Each rental contract is personal and retrocession to a third party is not possible.

The enclosed reservation proposal is subject to availability on the day of sending. The management is not committed in any other way. The reservation contract must be completed and returned ASAP. Please enclose the deposit including the reservation fees which are non-deductible of the total amount. The written confirmation will be returned along with your reservation contract. You must hand over these two documents at your arrival on the Campsite. The reservation stands only after having received a written confirmation from the campsite’s Management.

Tenants civil responsibilities must be covered by an appropriate insurance or a camping club card.

Arrival and Departure :

  • Camping Pitch:  Arrival after 14H00     Departure before 12H00
  • Accommodation:  Arrival after 16H00      Departure 10H00

If at arrival, there are more persons present than the maximum number allowed in the accommodation (criteria according to the range) or on the camping pitch (6), the campsite’s management has the right to cancell the reservation. Adding extra persons is impossible. No reimbursement shall be made

From 8 pm it is not possible to enter the campsite. You have the full responsibility for finding an alternative off-site accommodation.

In the case of accommodation, one must leave before 10.00 AM and the departure time must be notified at the reception the day before (even if the balance has already been paid).

All delay in departure shall lead to an extra charge. In the case of a camping pitch, an extra day will be charged when departure after 12H00.

The management preserves the right to cancel the reservation if at arrival the occupants are not the persons mentioned.

Means of payment :

A booking stands from the moment that we receive the deposit.

  • Camping Pitch: 25% deposit + 20€ reservation fees. The balance is request once on site, the day before leaving.
  • Accommodation: 30% deposit + 20€ reservation fees. The balance is requested at max. 30 days before your arrival and can be made per credit card or international banking. If the balance has not been received at 30 days before arrival, your reservation will automatically be cancelled in our computer system and the deposit will not be restituted. Should you book within 30 days before arrival, the entire amount of the stay will be requested.

No Show :

THE CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS OF CAMPING PITCHES AND ACCOMMODATION SHALL BE KEPT FOR 24 HOURS. After this delay (except when the management has been informed by writing or in the case of exceptional circumstances), the reservation of the camping pitches and accommodation expires and the pitches and accommodation are again available. The deposit and reservation fees shall not be reimbursed/refunded.

Cancellation: In the event of cancellation, the amount paid into the account of the campsite shall be kept by the latter. In all cases, the amount of the deposit as well as the reservation fees shall not be refunded.

Early departure :

  •  Accommodation : in the case of early departure or late arrival, no amount shall be refunded and the management is free to rent again the vacant accommodation.
  • Camping pitch : the amount of the deposit and reservation fees will not be refunded. The campsite has the right to ask for the total amount of the stay as mentioned on the reservation contract.

Deposit & inventory :

For accommodation, and again before taking possession of it, a deposit of 380€ (lodge rental and confort cabin rental) or 390€ (premium cabin rental) will be requested : deposit for breaking, loss or other damage to the rental (300€) and a deposit for the cleaning of the rental (80€ for lodge/confort cabins and 90€ for premium cabins).

These deposits will be returned at departure, the exact amount will depend on the inventory and the cleanliness of the rental.

The inventory takes place upon appointment between 8.00 AM and 10.00 AM. We strongly advise you to make the appointment ASAP before departure. One who has not taken an appointment, shall have to respect the time fixed by the management. All missing/damaged equipment or material will be charged according to the prices marked on the inventory paper. To standardize our inventories tenants are asked not to add items purchased outside.

PLEASE NOTE : if the departure takes place outside of the foreseen hours the deposit shall be sent by post within 8 days.

The final cleaning service (80€ for Lodges/Mobile-homes Comfort & 90€ for Mobile-homes Premium) does not include washing the dishes or putting out the dustbins.

Extra persons, not mentioned on the reservation contract will only be admitted by the campsite’s management if the maximum capacity of the campsite, camping pitch or accommodation (mind the ages, according to the range and the restrictions given by the Management for sanitary reasons) has not been reached. Once admitted, extra persons have to respect the campsite’s regulations. At arrival they have to present themselves at the reception, pay the entrance fees for a  “extra person” and leave their car outside the premises.

Each booking means accepting and living up to the conditions of the campsite regulations and the general terms and conditions of a camping pitch or accommodation.

The prices include a 10% VAT, which is applicable on the time these prices have been made. Should the VAT rate change in between the pricing and the billing, the price of the stay will change in the same way as the VAT rate will.

In the event of litigation and only after having tried to find a solution with the site’s customer service, one can call for a consumption mediator in a time lapse of one year, starting from the date on the registered letter send to the campsite’s customer service. Please find below the information on the mediator : CM2C – 14 rue Saint Jean -75017 Paris – France 06 09 20 48 86