General terms and conditions of reservation of a camping pitch or accommodation

Reservation :

Any rental request implies knowledge of the description and price of the accommodation/camping pitch, as well as acceptance of the internal camping regulations and the rental conditions below.

Each reservation is personal and cannot be transferred to a third person.

Camping Au Port-Punay applies dynamic pricing. As a result, prices will be subject to change during the season and will therefore be sometimes higher and sometimes lower.

As stated in article L.221-28-12° in the French Consumer Code, accommodation services to be provided by a specific date are not subject to the 14-day withdrawal right.

The acceptance of reservations depends on the availability of the accommodation/camping pitch on the chosen dates. The reservation request must be duly completed and accompanied by the deposit and the reservation costs which are not deductible from the stay. The reservation is only effective after written agreement from the management and after receipt of the deposit of 25% for a camping pitch and 30% for a rental accommodation + reservation costs (20€). Upon receipt of payment, confirmation of the reservation will be sent by email.

For each person not mentioned in the booking, a fixed amount of 15€ per night for a camping pitch and 50€ per night for rental accommodation will be charged. Adding an extra person is only possible if the maximum capacity of the rental accommodation (depending on the reserved range) or the camping pitch allows it.

The Management cannot be held liable for the communication by its partners or by a third party for photos of which they have declared to have the rights, for false, misleading or erroneous information that may appear in the catalogs or on the sites of the partners, in particular the photos, the prices, the qualifications, the activities, the entertainment, the services and the opening and closing dates/times of the campsite.

For obvious security reasons, persons under 18 years old are not allowed to stay on the campsite without their parents.

Except in the case of proven fault, Camping Au Port-Punay declines all responsibility in the event of theft, fire, bad weather conditions, damage to property or vehicles… This also applies in the case of accidents involving the legal liability of the customer himself or another customer.

The civil liability of tenants must be covered by private liability insurance.

Arrival and Departure :

  • Camping Pitch:  Arrival after 14H00     Departure before 12H00
  • Accommodation:  Arrival after 16H00      Departure 10H00

The management reserves the right, on the day of arrival, to refuse entry to persons not mentioned in the booking.

Only guests of the campsite have access to the campsite.

For the peace of the campers and the proper functioning of the services, arrivals after 8 pm are not possible. It is the responsibility of the customer to find alternative accommodation for the night.

For accommodation rentals, the departure time (before 10:00 am) must be confirmed at the reception at the latest the day before (even if the stay has been prepaid). Any delay will incur additional costs. In the case of camping pitches, an extra day will be charged for departures after 12 noon.

Means of payment :

Reminder: reservations are made according to the current rates, subject to payment of a deposit :

  • Camping pitch : 25% of the total amount + €20 booking fees. The balance is requested the day before departure from the campsite.
  • Accommodation : 30% of the total amount + 20€ booking fees. The balance must be made at least 30 days before arrival, without reminder. This is a defining part of the contract. Without receipt of the balance 30 days before the arrival date, the rental contract will be automatically cancelled, and the deposit will be retained by the Campsite as compensation for the cancellation.

The deposit and balance payments can be made by bank transfer (international) and credit/international debit card. In the case of a camping pitch, the balance can also be paid in cash. In the case of rental accommodation, when making a reservation less than 30 days before the date of arival, the full amount must be paid upon reservation.


In the event of cancellation from the customer’s side, the amount already paid shall be kept by the campsite. In all cases, the amount of the deposit as well as the booking fees shall not be refunded.

Early departure / Late arrival :

  • Accommodation : in the case of early departure or late arrival, no amount shall be refunded.
  • Camping pitch : the amount of the deposit and reservation fees will not be refunded. The campsite has the right to ask for the total amount of the stay as mentioned on the reservation contract.

Deposit & inventory :

In the case of a rental accommodation :

– Upon arrival and before entering the accommodation, a deposit of 300 € is required. This is to guarantee against damage, theft or loss and can be left with a credit card imprint or cash.

– A deposit is also required for cleaning: 80€ will be asked for, in the case of comfort accommodations and lodges and 90€ when premium accommodations: this is to guarantee the return of an accommodation in a clean condition upon departure.

These deposits will be returned at departure, the exact amount will depend on the inventory and the cleanliness of the rental.

The inventory takes place upon appointment between 8.00 AM and 10.00 AM. We strongly advise you to make the appointment ASAP before departure. One who has not taken an appointment, shall have to respect the time fixed by the management. All missing/damaged equipment or material will be charged according to the prices marked on the inventory paper. To standardize the inventories tenants are asked not to add items purchased outside.

PLEASE NOTE : If the departure takes place outside the agreed times (08:00-10:00), the check will be done after your departure and the deposit will be cleared within 8 days (minus the costs of any damage, neglected cleaning, etc).

If the final cleaning is left to the campsite (80€ for Lodges & Mobile Homes Comfort and 90€ for Mobile Homes Premium), you must empty the bins and do the dishes yourself and the kitchen area (cupboards, hob, cutlery, pots, pans, etc.) ) must be clean. The final cleaning can be requested at the latest on the day of arrival at the campsite.

Additional persons not mentioned in the reservation contract can only enter the site with the permission of the management and are under the responsibility of the tenant/camper. Access may be refused for various reasons, including if the maximum capacity of the campsite, camping pitch (6) or accommodation has been reached (depending on the range and the restrictions imposed by the management).

If one of these matters applies, the management will refuse access to an additional person. When an additional person enters, he/she must respect and comply with the camping regulations. Upon arrival, they must report to the reception, register with full personal data and pay the amount for an « extra person ». The car of additional persons must be parked outside the campsite. Each booking means accepting and living up to the conditions of the campsite regulations and the general terms and conditions of a camping pitch or accommodation.

The prices include a 10% VAT, which is applicable on the time these prices have been made. Should the VAT rate change in between the pricing and the billing, the price of the stay will change in the same way as the VAT rate will.


An eco-contribution will be charged for your stay of 0.40€ per night per person. This amount will be reinvested in its entirety in our various environmental projects.


RGPD : personal data protection charter available on

In the event of litigation and only after having tried to find a solution with the site’s customer service, one can call for a consumption mediator in a time lapse of one year, starting from the date on the registered letter send to the campsite’s customer service. Please find below the information on the mediator : CM2C – 14 rue Saint Jean -75017 Paris – France 06 09 20 48 86