Eco-friendly camping

The environment and nature have always played a very important role in our Au Port-Punay campsite. In 2006 we were awarded the Green Key quality mark for the first time, saving the environment without compromising on comfort and quality. In 2009, we received the European Ecolabel, which guarantees you a campsite that meets several criteria to reduce its impact on the environment.
In 2018 we became a shelter for the LPO – French Bird Protection: you will find various bird houses, insect hotels and squirrel eating places on our campsite. Our entire team is committed to letting you enjoy a wonderful environmentally friendly campsite and of course we count on your cooperation with regard to using resources such as water, energy and nature itself sparingly.


Thanks to our GTC installation, we have been able to monitor water consumption in the rental accommodations, the swimming pools, the sanitary building and the restaurant since 2011. In this way, for example, we can detect a leak more quickly. Our taps have an aerator, so the water comes out of the taps softer and this reduces the water consumption in the sanitary building and the rental accommodations.
The park is irrigated at the end of the day using drip irrigation. For the plants that are not located close to the irrigation, we use rainwater collected in a tank.


We have signed an energy contract in which 100% of the electricity produced comes from recycled sources.
90% of our lamps are LED lamps or solar lamps and our electrical appliances of the category that consume the least energy.
In 2023, solar panels will be installed on the roofs of the sanitary building and the restaurant to heat the water from the showers and the outdoor pool.


For cleaning our rental accommodation and the sanitary building, we mainly use European Ecolabel products or cleaning vinegar.
We do not use chemical pesticides when weeding: this is done by hand or burned with gas. When planting, organic granules are used, made from fish and manure.


Waist sorting is a must for us and we will help you with this on site as best we can.
In your accommodation you will find two sorting bins. Used penns can be handed in at the camping shop, as well as corks, these are then recycled by local associations.
The used cooking oil in our restaurant and hazardous waste such as batteries and ink cartridges are collected by specialized companies.

Responsible purchasing

Where possible, we try to work with local producers: mussels, oysters, wine, cognac and regional products. We are trying to reduce (individual) packaging and offer more and more organic items in the camping shop.
In your accommodation you will find cleaning products of the European Ecolabel.
In 2020 we have renovated all rental accommodations and in the premium houses you will find pillows and duvets made from recycled material that are also recyclable.

Reduction of paper use

We print fewer brochures and price lists. Our guests are now used to it and in 2023 we will go to 100% numerical for our brochures. Communication with our guests mainly takes place by email. During your stay, you can find all (tourist) information on your TV in the rental accommodation and via your telephone or I-pad.
After your departure, you will receive the bill by e-mail. We also kindly ask you to participate via the Internet in a satisfaction survey that you will receive : this way we can welcome you even better, the next time you come !

Living environment

At the campsite it is possible to rent bicycles and in this way enjoy the beautiful cycling routes in the area. 150m from the campsite you can take an electric bus (or hybrid) to the center of the village or even to the city of La Rochelle!
Lighting is saved at night, unless this is not possible for your safety, and in this way you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and not be disturbed by light pollution. Furthermore, cars are not allowed to drive on site 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
The trees, shrubs and other plants are local species and not invasive. Our streets are laid out in such a way that rainwater can penetrate better.
To prevent pollution of the rental accommodations, our rentals are 100% smoke-free.