Camping near La Rochelle

What can you do in La Rochelle?

Under the watchful eye of its three towers, the city of La Rochelle surrounds an old port on the Atlantic Ocean.

After the settlement built on a rock grew into a prosperous port city in the 12th century thanks to the salt and wine trade, the people got their own rights and even their own currency!

Although many buildings were destroyed during the Hundred Years War and the religious wars, several buildings still show the rich history of the city.

The two towers of La Rochelle, the Great Watch opposite. The town hall in the Renaissance style, many monuments to admire in the rebellious city of La Rochelle!

How to get to La Rochelle from Châtelaillon-Plage and what to do?

You can cycle along the coast to La Rochelle via the cycle path of the Vélodyssée (17km). Rest a while in the Park of Les Minimes where you have a beautiful view of the Phare du Bout du Monde.

You can park by car in the underground parking lot of Place de Verdun. After this you can go for a nice walk under the arcades of La Rochelle… if you like shopping, you are in the right place with all the shops in the city center. If you use the parking lot of Vieux Port Ouest, you will be in the heart of the city, next to the three towers. Every year a large music festival is held here with famous French artists.

Take the bus ! Our campsite is located at 150m from the first bus stop to La Rochelle and 45 minutes later you are in front of the old harbour and surrounded by restaurants and bars. By foot you can go to the wooden square via the small wooden bridge. The restaurants there used to serve as workshops for boat repair. From the Ferris wheel you can admire the beautiful city from above … and perhaps also our campsite?

The train station of Châtelaillon-Plage is 3.5km from our campsite and by train you arrive at the station of La Rochelle which is also worth a look with its facade, inspired by underwater flora and fauna. At 200m is the Aquarium of La Rochelle : a 2 hour walk with beautiful fish and sharks!

While you are in La Rochelle, it is also a nice idea to take the water boat to the harbour of Les Minimes: this is the largest European pleasure harbour on the Atlantic coast with 3500 berths.