Accommodations – Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to some of the questions very often asked. If you didn’t find the answer to yours, don’t hesitate to get back to us per phone or e-mail !

My arrival and departure in a mobile home or lodge ?

Your rental will be available from 16.00 on the day of arrival. Departure will take place in between 08.00 and 10.00 in the morning on the day of your departure.

What are the arrival/departure days ?

During the low season, departure and arrival can take place every day of the week according to availability for a minimum of 2 nights or more. From July 8th until September 2nd 2023, they take place on Saturday for the Confort Accommodation. From July 2nd until September 3rd 2023, they take place on Sunday for the Premium Accommodation for a minimum of 7 nights, then 14 nights etc. A 10-day stay is unfortunately not possible during the high season.

I’d like to arrive after reception closure…

Reception at our campsite closes at 19.30 during the low season and at 20.00 during the high season. No arrival will be possible after closure. In the case of an emergency, you can call us and leave a message.

What about my dog, cat or other pets ?

Your pets are not allowed in the case of rental. We do like pets, however through the years we’ve seen more and more guests being allergic to them… Therefor we can’t allow pets in our rentals.

What about entrance/exit of cars ?

Automatic barriers limit the access to the site. During your stay a key will give you access by car. In case of loss the key has a value of 15€. In between 22.00 at night and 07.00 in the morning the night gate is closed and cars can’t come in or go out (except for emergencies).

How does the deposit work ?

At arrival we will ask you for a guarantee of a total of 380€ per rental (Lodges & Mobile-homes Comfort): 300€ as for the general state of the rental, 80€ for the final cleaning.

At arrival we will ask you for a guarantee of a total of 390€ per rental (Mobile-homes Premium): 300€ as for the general state of the rental, 90€ for the final cleaning.

You can leave the deposit in cash of credit card (it will not be debited). Your deposit will be handed back after check out if the general state and the cleanliness of the rental are in order. If not, the deposit will be partly/entirely kept.

Is there airconditioning in the rentals ?

For environmental reasons, our rentals are not equipped with air-conditioning.

I’d like to put up a tent on my plot ?

For security reasons, tents etc are not allowed on a mobile home/lodge plot. Should there be heavy wind or should evacuation of the site be necessary, these objects could be dangerous for the campers.

Can I barbecue on my plot ?

Your lodge/mobile home has a wooden terrace as well as gas bottles and therefore charcoal and gas barbecuing is not allowed on your pitch. Please note that there’s a big collective barbecue available not too far away from your plot.

What about a second car ?

You can park your car on the rental plot. Our insurance covers one single car. Should you have more vehicles, you can park them just outside the campsite (free parking).

Tourist tax

The tourist tax is an amount of 0.66€ per night and per person of 18 years and more in 2022. The tax will be asked for when you pay the invoice and will then be handed over to the community of Châtelaillon-Plage at the end of the season.


During your stay, please come to reception to let us know at what time you’ll probably be leaving. We will ask to make an appointment in between 08.00 and 10.00 in the morning and then organize our planning so people will not have to wait on departure day. On the day of departure, please come and inform us at reception when you’re ready. We will then join you as soon as possible in the accommodation for the inventory.

Should you like to leave before the opening hours of reception, we will make up the inventory once you’ve left. If all’s well we will erase the credit card details left for the guarantee , if not we will then get in touch with you to inform you that the guarantee will be kept.

Can the campsite staff do final cleaning?

Should you want us to do the final cleaning, please mention this at the latest at your arrival so we can still organize this with our staff. Please note that in this case the cupboard as well as the kitchenware/cutlery has to be clean and the bins have to be thrown away in the containers at the entrance of the site. The surroundings of the rental have to be impeccable.

I’d like a particular plot number…

If you’d like to have a particular mobile home/lodge or be close to family/friends we advise you to book as soon as possible. Please note that it will always be a preference and not a guarantee.

The same goes for a preference for a lodge on stilts or not : this will all depend on the availability at the time of booking and other requests already done.

When do I pay the deposit and balance ?

A booking stands from the moment that we receive the deposit. The deposit is 30% of the total amount of the stay + 20€ booking fees.

The balance is requested at max. 30 days before your arrival and can be made per credit card or international banking. If the balance has not been received at 30 days before arrival, your reservation will automatically be cancelled in our computer system and the deposit will not be restitituted.

Should you book within 30 days before arrival, the entire amount of the stay will be requested.

What if I cancel…

If you cancel your stay before arrival on site, the campsite doesn’t reimburse the amount of money already paid. You can inform us per phone, the cancellation will only be done after having received an e-mail or letter from your side.

If you don’t show on the planned day of arrival en without any news from your side, we will keep the reservation for 24hours. After this time period and at 16.00 the rental will be cancelled and will become available again for sale. No reimbursement will be done.

I’ll be arriving the next day / I will leave a day early

No reimbursement will be done in this case. Please inform us so we don’ t worry if we don’t see you coming on the foreseen arrival date. Should you leave earlier, please inform us on the departure time so we can send someone over for the inventory at your departure.

Do you have a cancellation insurance ?

During your reservation, you can tick the box for an insurance. All details are on page cancellation insurance. Please read the information on the insurance very well because not all reasons for cancellation will be taken into account for restitution. Should you decide to cancel, the contact will be directly with the Insurance CAMPEZ COUVERT and not our campsite. Once the booking has been made, adding an insurance through us is not possible anymore. Please check with your bank or insurance then, maybe they can still help you.

What do you mean by « Maximum capacity »

For your comfort our accommodations have a maximum capacity : this concerns the number of persons and the ages of the persons. These conditions have been declared at our insurance company and we can’t make any exceptions anymore. Before booking, please check :

  • the maximum number of persons (adults as well as children) in example :

Les Flots 4 persons max.

  • the maximum number of adults and the ages of the children, in example:

Les Embruns : 2/4 persons means : 2 adults max. and 2 children of 12 years max. and l’Escale : 4/6 persons means : 4 adults max and 2 children of 12 years max

Please note that a child, even a baby, stands for a person!

Can minors stay on site without their parents ?

For evident safety reasons (pool, evacuation of the site in case of wheater conditions…) or medical care reasons (hospitalization during the stay), minors without their parents are not allowed to stay on our site.