Camping near Fort Boyard

In the 17th century, the Royal Navy has few ships going out to sea and Colbert decides to build an arsenal on the Atlantic Coast to fight against the English and the Dutch. Several fortresses are then built to protect the land.

The Fortresses: treasures built at sea

There are several fortresses in our department. The most famous one for young and old is Fort Boyard. It is located between the islands of Aix and Oléron, built in the middle of the sea and used to serve as a prison for several years, after which the fortress was abandoned. Fort Boyard is now known for its TV program not only in France, but also throughout Europe.
From the large beach of Châtelaillon at the casino, 2.5 km from the campsite, you can see Fort Boyard. To admire the Fort up close, you can book a boat trip at reception, where you will be told everything about the history of the fort.
The Fort Louvois, also known as the « Fort Boyard’s little brother », can be seen from the bridge to the island of Oléron. This fortress is shaped like a horse hoof and connected to the mainland by a road that you can walk at low tide.
The Fort Enet is only accessible by foot. You can walk there in about 30 minutes, accompanied by a guide. From Fort Enet you have a beautiful view over the Pertuis Charentais and Fort Boyard. The fort was built to protect the passage between the islands of Ré and Oléron (Pertuis d’Antioche) and to secure the island of Aix.
You can discover many other fortresses in the Charente-Maritime: Fort Vauban in Fouras, Fort Liédot on the island of Aix, Fort Madame on the island of Madame et Fort Lupine in St Nazaire sur Charente …

The islands, something for everyone

The Charente-Maritime has 4 islands, one even more beautiful than the other. The islands are accessible by foot, by car or by boat … something for everyone!

Island of Ré, «Ré de Witte»

Ré is known as “the white” thanks to the white facades of the houses. The island is accessible by a 3km long bridge. One end of the island is 35 km from the other end. Beautiful cycle paths have been created where you can discover all the typical towns of the island by bicycle: from the fortifications of Vauban around St Martin to the Baleines Firehouse (whales), without forgetting the donkeys dressed in trousers.

Oléron, the largest of the four islands

The island of Oléron is known for its beaches, untouched nature with forests, oyster beds and swamps … A wide range of activities on a single island. After Corsica, Oléron is the largest island in France and you can enjoy a mild climate here and the mimosa that grows all over the island.

Aix, the car-free island

Aix is about 3km long and you can walk around the whole island in 3 hours. Accessible by boat, on the island you can walk along the beautiful small creeks. In the center you can eat something or drink a cup of coffee and even visit the mother of pearl house and the africa museum: beautiful jewelry, so don’t forget your money! Fort Liédot stands at the end of the island, built to protect the island’s harbor before Fort Boyard existed.

Ile Madame, the smallest island of the Charente-Maritime

The island of Madame is accessible at low tide and only by foot. This passage, also called «tombolo», attaches the island to the mainland and is about 1 km long. Once on the island, you have a 360 ° view of Aix, Oléron and Fouras. On site you can discover the Fort, visit the aquaculture farm, but do not forget to take back the «tombolo» before high tide, otherwise you will not be able to leave!